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10 February 2010

Jingle Jangle

No this is not a late Christmas blog.

Jingle Jangle is a child friendly tea garden in Pretoria. Which give mums the opportunity to sit back and relax with a friend while the little one play in the play park. Heaven on earth!!

Erik and Yanie had a playdate today at Jingle Jangle. And did they enjoy it!

Just before Erik's nap I told him he is going to "kuier" with Yanie. He then said her name over and over. On our way to Jingle Jangle he repeatedly said "Kuier" and "Yanie". My clever little boy. He picks up word so quick these days. I lost track of all.

Here are some photos of the two playing.

Brrrrm brrrrm they go

Yanie's little horse doesn't want to go fast

Erik climbing up and up... All the way, over the bridge to the little "huisie". Suppose he is now ready for his own Jungle Gym

And their last ride on the dinosaur before heading home

The time went by so quick and all the way home Erik just went "Yanie nog".
I will take him again soon.... And look for other play parks.

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