"Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility"

03 January 2010

Erik is growing up so fast.

I cannot believe that it is already 16 months since Erik was born. My little baby boy is becoming a little man. Soon he would communicate in full sentences. But for now we enjoy junior's broken words and the copy cat he is when he hears new words he finds interesting.

Starting to know what he wants my life is full of new adventures as I re-discover small things through his eyes. Erik will take me, Pappa, Ouma or Oupa by the hand pulling us towards the door saying "stap stap" when he wants to go play outside.

During this festive season and our 2 week visit at Ouma and Oupa Fratter at Ebenezer Dam Erik loved playing with the dog (Matrix) and petting the cat (this he could only do when Oupa were with him; else the cat would arch his back and huff). This was fun to watch as he were SO excited every time he could run towards the "Woef" or run away when Matrix becomes too friendly.

So what is in store for me and my little man for 2010?
Firstly: "Ek gaan see toe!"
Erik will have a vacation at the sea for the first time in two weeks time. I'm very excited and can't wait to see his reaction as this little Senekal loves water.

Then we will start the Kindermusik again this month. He completed the 0 - 18 months group (Village) last year and will now start the next group (Our time). This again have the promise to be lots of fun. Not just are there "maaikies", but he loves music. As soon as music start he would start dancing. Then the Flowers on Kowee (an afrikaans childrens channel on DSTV). As soon as they start singing he wil stop what his doing and watch them. Some songs he will also start to immitate the 3 Flowers' movements.

We will also again do our weekly playdate with Erik's 4 Kindermusik maaikies Nicola, Yanie, Izabella and Ruan.

Maybe a trip or 2 and everything fun...............

We are also looking forward to meet a new 'Geyer'.
Anine's little girl in March.
We are so happy for you guys. Enjoy this gift and always remember children are a blessing.

A Wee Bit of Heaven
Drifted down from above
A handful of happiness
A heartful of love
A mystery of life
So sacred and so sweet
The giver of joy
So deep and complete
Presious and priceless
So loveble too
The world's sweetest miracle
Baby, its you.
- by Helen Steiner Rice

A photo of Erik taken 1 December 2009

Till next time.

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  1. woohhoow! way to go - nice blog!

    Dont forget - you will also have to bring junior up to norway soon!